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Donating Food to Charity

Benevolence Request

Request for Assistance 

It is our earnest desire to love all people well. This comes in a variety of ways. Under extreme circumstances we are able to help with financial needs. When we are able to help we do so knowing financial problems are not the greatest need. Our greatest need is to be in right relationship to God and each other.


We welcome you to join us in a variety of ways. We have services on a weakly basis and would love to get to know you better. We also have counseling services for those in need of care. Please follow the counseling link above. 


If your financial problem seems to be long term we would love to walk alongside of you as you grow in financial wisdom. We would also love to invite you to our next Faith & Finances class. Our food pantry is available at the hours listed under the ministry tab above. 

Due to the high number of requests and the limited amount of funds we rarely fund requests for the following...

  • Needs that must be met within the next 5 days

  • Utility Bills

  • Rent

For these needs, we kindly ask that you first apply with Conch Valley Community Action Agency

We do not consider delinquent credit or medical bills. 

Please note that we do not dispense cash at any time from our office. Your request will take up to 5 days to process. We will contact you if your request is approved. If we are not able to help at this time please know that it is due to a lack of funds, not a lack of care. Please include any prayer requests you may have. 

Request Form

Please complete each section. 

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